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Here's what's to look forward to as an artlover:

  • Kunst på Rollo:

I now have the pleasure of hosting a completely new program called 'Art on Rollo with Olga Ravn' with me. Here, every Wednesday for just weeks from 19-20, I will be behind the microphone and serve exciting facts from the diverse world of art. There will be both theme broadcasts dedicated to a specific style and broadcasts with room for a bit of it all. All served with a twinkle in the eye and a good deal of humor, so listen when I give the worlds art a ride in the air waves. There will also be the opportunity to comment on the program so that we can have a debate in the name of art :)

In case you missed previous shows, they can be found in the archive on Radio Rollo.

Kunst på Rollo med Olga Ravn
  • 5th and 6th of october:

Kultunariet in Haslev. 

All you amazing people can meet me there between 11 - 17 and there will be free admission.

  • 12th and 13th of october:

140 exhibitors welcome a world full of ideas, inspiration, exciting news, tips & advice and fantastic trade shows for both him and her.

  • November, december and january '19/'20:

Exhibition in the cultural house 'Huset' in Faxe Ladeplads.

  • 21. - 23. february 2020:

Here, 'Housing, Food and Design' fair will be taking place in the Bella Center, Copenhagen. I hope to meet many of you in there :)

  • 27, 28. & 29. march 2020:

Art fair 'Art Nordic' at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen. Art Nordic is a very large art fair that is visited by approx. 80,000 guests every year, so maybe there is a good chance that we will meet in there?

Also visit my atelier in Haslev to get a more profound experience on what the right piece of art can do for your home.

There will always be room for a cup of coffee and an opportunity to discuss ideas in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. It means the world to me, to know my clients are happy and satisfied with the piece of art they are buying.

You can also follow me on the social media, and be among the first to see when new pieces are being presented.

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Please note that I alone own the copyright of my works and that it is not legal to copy, reproduce or use my works for personal gain without my personal consent.


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