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I find that the best portraits are those created with the whole artist's soul.
It is necessary to sense the most amazing and strongest features of the reproduced person, and make it shine through in their eyes on the painting so that it beautifully and freely reproduces the true story of the person.

I definitely love painting portraits; It never gets boring and always turns out to be a new adventure.

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S. Dali - By Olga N. Ravn

Albert Einstein - By Olga N. Ravn

Mary With Baby Jesus - By Olga N. Ravn

Life Melody - By Olga N. Ravn

Blonde World - By Olga N. Ravn

Vitam Regit Fortuna - By Olga N. Ravn

Who We Are, Where Are We From, Where Do We Go - By Olga N. Ravn

Wedding - By Olga N. Ravn

HKH Prins Henrik - By Olga N. Ravn

© Olga Novitskaya-Ravn

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Please note that I alone own the copyright of my works and that it is not legal to copy, reproduce or use my works for personal gain without my personal consent.



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