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This is of course only a selection of my many works, and I will continuously replace the paintings within the different categories.

Here I try to show the many possibilities that are within the different styles. If you would like to rent a painting to see how it fits in with your home, please contact me to hear more about what I have in stock.

Welcome to a world of colors
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Also visit my atelier in Haslev to get a more profound experience on what the right piece of art can do for your home.

There will always be room for a cup of coffee and an opportunity to discuss ideas in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. It means the world to me, to know my clients are happy and satisfied with the piece of art they are buying.

You can also follow me on the social media, and be among the first to see when new pieces are being presented.

Please note that I alone own the copyright of my works and that it is not legal to copy, reproduce or use my works for personal gain without my personal consent.


Jernbanegade 54 c

4690 Haslev, DK

+45 29794529

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