Boudoir Art

Olga Novitskaya-Ravn



Boudoir Art

What is more beautiful than the creation of human? With Boudoir Art, it is expressed in all its glory by reproducing the human body as a very sensual object. An object created for love, care and passion. Therefore, I like to create these paintings; teasing but not revealing.

Getting Naked - By Olga N. Ravn

That Cat's Hard To Get - By Olga N. Ravn

Explosion - By Olga N. Ravn

Sugarbabe - By Olga N. Ravn

The Dance Of Light - By Olga N. Ravn

Equilibrium 1 - By Olga N. Ravn

Ice Embracement - By Olga N. Ravn

Rainbow - By Olga N. Ravn

Love - By Olga N. Ravn

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There will always be room for a cup of coffee and an opportunity to discuss ideas in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. It means the world to me, to know my clients are happy and satisfied with the piece of art they are buying.

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Please note that I alone own the copyright of my works and that it is not legal to copy, reproduce or use my works for personal gain without my personal consent.


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